Viator is an innovative online travel company now owned by Trip Advisor that sells travel adventures, so we needed to build an office space that reflected the company culture. The result is a bright, open, modern workspace.

Project Challenges

The client was looking for an open warehouse look with a modern twist. Viator wanted an open workspace, but we also needed to make sure that it didn’t create chaos—the open space had to be well-managed for optimal productivity.

The Results

  • To accomplish this, we tore out the ceiling to expose the pipes; this gave the space a warehouse effect, and we further accentuated the feeling withWARose Construction Viator/TripAdvisor Remodel indirect lighting.
  • We installed large barn-style rolling doors to the executive office so that when open, the office would become more integrated with the overall space.
  • The color scheme was driven by the company’s bold orange and teal corporate colors. The lobby is a wall of glass beads with the company name and logo floating on top.
  • The cheerful lunchroom, which overlooks San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, is bright and fun with its modern orange Lucite chairs and bar stools.

Nancy Callahan, Callahan Design Group, was the designer on this project.

Viator Update: May 2015

When an opportunity opened up to move into the space next to their existing one, Viator seized it!

Project Challenges

For a company that works virtually, keeping their computers up and running is critical; Viator necessarily hosts all of their own servers, and we customized a new server room.

The Results

  • We added a new office, two meeting rooms, additional open space for workstations and an editor’s room for watching and editing travel videos.
  • Two new doors connect the original office with the expanded new space.
  • An updated kitchen quickly became the favorite gathering place for the hardworking Viator team.
  • We also added a mother’s room to accommodate nursing moms.

This was our third engagement with Viator, and we’re proud of our long, successful partnership, delighted to be helping Viator accommodate growth!