Piedmont Community Center

The City of Piedmont calls on W.A. Rose for a wide range of projects, and we frequently return to the historic Community Center for ongoing repairs and upgrades. As with many of these old buildings, the repairs often include bringing the building up to Title 24 standards, which means making the building ADA-compliant—in this case, significant upgrades to the restrooms, drinking fountains and entranceway ramps.

The Challenges

Piedmont Community Center is aging gracefully. In the spring of 2014, we upgraded both the women’s and men’s restrooms and made other small repairs to prepare the facility for the busy WARose Construction has a strong relationship with the City of Piedmontsummer season. The women’s restroom got a new Caesarstone countertop, chosen for both its aesthetics and durability. We installed two new sinks, hardware, new vanity lighting and a baby-changing station. In the men’s restroom, we repaired tile, removed a partition, installed two new toilets, countertops, hardware and water fountain to create a new ADA bathroom.

The Results

In the Center’s elegant ballroom, we replaced the old light fixtures with new sconces and custom-fabricated new cornices for the windows. Piedmont Community Center’s repairs and upgrades were completed within budget and on schedule, creating a lighter, brighter facility. Best of all, the Center is now significantly more ADA-compliant, more accessible to all of the Piedmont community.