Customized, Built-in Bathroom

Project Challenges

The owners of this Piedmont bathroom had waited a long time to remodel their bathroom—something that often happens in the area’s older homes. They needed more storage, so this became a priority. There were also some structural issues and dry rot which had to be repaired, and the original bathroom had been cramped and dark.

The Results

  • This remodeled bathroom is notable for its customized, built-in, floor-to-ceiling cabinets that provide a significant amount of storage.
  • The soft, earth-toned color palette is accented by the burnt-orange color of the countertop, which is a three-quarter inch piece of glass with the color sprayed on the bottom.
  • Custom-made LED lights brighten the room, and the specially made mirror helps give the illusion of a larger space.
  • The glass tiles of the large shower stall are flush with the drywall to create a smooth, unbroken effect.

W.A. Rose Construction collaborated with Caitlin Lempres Brostrom, of First Bay Architecture, on this bathroom remodel.