WARose Construction: Rockridge renovation: Roomier, lighter and brighter

Residential Upgrade, Oakland

These Upper Rockridge homeowners wanted to create a lighter, more open living space that would extend onto the deck where they loved to entertain during the City’s warm summer months.

Project Details

To accomplish this, we removed the bathroom and a bedroom that was on the other side of the kitchen. An additional 24 sq ft of living space was added at the rear of the house, and we did some minor structural work to shore up the home, removing a dividing wall and installing a new structural beam.

We installed hardwood floors in the kitchen and family room to match existing floors throughout the house, installed new cabinets and an island, new granite countertops and a tile backsplash in the kitchen. We also added a pantry in the kitchen.

Once we’d framed the new walls, hung drywall, finished the home’s structural work, plumbing and electrical, we completed a number of small repairs and upgrades. We made small repairs to the deck and hallway flooring. Power washed the deck and refinished with a new stain. The home got a new rear door plus a door for the family’s dog, a Golden Retriever. We stained the cherry casework in the new space and added new stucco to the exterior.

Additional efforts

  • During the course of construction, we noticed a potential leak. This was not included in our scope of work, but we were concerned about mold and its potential health issues. We brought this to the attention of our clients and resolved the matter.
  • We found during the demolition that the floors between the two spaces were not level, so we discussed this with our clients and made the necessary adjustments.

The Results

A lighter, brighter, roomier and more livable space.

Photography: Ellyce Moselle