WARose Construction fire rebuild in downtown Oakland 8.

Residential/Commercial Fire Rebuild, Oakland

Two residential units and one commercial space in downtown Oakland were badly damaged by fire. The project required extensive demolition and remodeling.

Project Details

W.A. Rose was the contractor on an extensive, multilevel remodel of a commercial and residential space in downtown Oakland severely damaged by fire. We removed large portions of the fire-damaged walls, flooring and ceilings before we could start to rebuild.

  • The project required new plumbing throughout both the commercial and residential parts of the building, including bathrooms, kitchens and laundry facilities and all new appliances.
  • The building’s interior was painted in soft shades of blue and gray with white trim.

The Results

The results: Light, bright and functional. One more thing: New fire alarms and sprinklers were installed throughout the space.

Photography: Ellyce Moselle