Moreau Catholic High School

W.A. Rose Construction has deep relationships with many area schools and community nonprofits, and we completed a project in 2016 for Hayward’s Moreau Catholic High School.

Project Challenges

Moreau was an excellent example of our ability to manage to a tight schedule. Receiving approval for the Moreau project in March, we began work the last week of school in May, and we needed to be finished by August 1. With old buildings, there are often surprises that can cause huge delays, changeorders and added expense. For Moreau, it was a concrete wall contained in an internal wall and a complete change of floors in the science rooms, yet we identified solutions and stayed on track. We worked closely with the site director throughout the project, finishing on time and on budget.

The Results

Moreau High School’s goal was to modernize four 60s-era classrooms, including a space that would accommodate 60 students for an innovative new program. We turned an old maintenance shop into a design studio that’s fully stocked with tools and equipment where students can experiment and make things. The school purchased new furniture and equipment to complete the modernization of the new classrooms.

From the start, W.A. Rose Construction did a wonderful job of listening to our needs. Not only were promises made, but promises were kept from the leads of the project, Jocelyn Newell and Barry Reite. Both took the time to support me through the project. They worked with the school to get the project done on time and done correctly.
—-Tom Alcott, Site Director, Moreau Catholic High School